Models and Prototypes


Our development expertise and decades of experience in prototyping and modeling provide a foundation for manufacturing precise casting patterns.

Aided by our CAD-based model construction and CNC precision milling, we provide a swift and accurate production of view models or cast models for gray cast iron or steel tools - both for complete tool sets, as well as individual parts. Due to the outstanding performance of our milling technology, we are able to accomplish even the most unique challenges.


Our technical capabilities for creating high-quality prototypes are as flexible as the needs of our customers. This is reflected not only in the know-how and experience of our staff, but also through our machinery. We employ state-of-the-art welding machines that are capable of whatever is required. We are able to manufacture even large prototype parts and complete assemblies such as hoods, doors, side panels and substructures up to a size of 6000 x 3200 mm.

All of our manufacturing sectors are linked with complete project development networks so that we can manufacture everything from our design department accurately and complete the process in the tightest of deadlines. This reliability is an essential benefit to all of our customers.

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