Our goal is to be one step ahead of the competition in software and machinery. Currently we are using the following tools:


Our software is based on the most recent versions of the powerful design software CATIA 5 and Tebis in connection with modern Autoform simulation techniques.

Press Shop

Our US presses are capable of producing 100 - 250 tons of prime pressing force, our press shop has a tremendous range of capabilities, enabling us to meet very specific requirements for our customers.

  • CAPITAL 200 to. press
    Table size: 116" x 60"
    Shut height max: 73"
    Shut height min: 24"
  • SUTHERLAND 150 to. press
    Table size: 90" x 47"
    Shut height max: 44"
    Shut height min: 20"
  • Baileigh 110 to. press
    Table size: 32" x 27"
    Shut height max: 38"
    Shut height min: 20"


Milling is accomplished using powerful software in the WorkNC CAD-CAM system, Tebis, and Topsolid. CNC milling machines:

  • DMU 105 monoblock
    5 axis
    Capacity x 1.400 mm y 1.240 mm z 690 mm
    Load Capacity 8.000 k
  • DMU 200-P
    Work space: x 1.800 mm y 2.000 mm z 1.000 mm
    Engine Power: 90 kW

Laser Cutting

  • TrueLaserCell 7040
    trudisk 3001 laser with 3000 W and with working range of
    Capacity x 4.000 mm y 1.500 mm z 750 mm B +/- 135° c 360°

Challenge us with your projects! Our technology is at your disposal - for small enterprises or demanding projects from large development companies. We look forward to serving you!

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